torsdag, december 14, 2006

Når akademikere sviner

Her er et smukt citat, der viser hvordan mennesker med en lang lang uddannelse i økonomi sviner:
First Lucas told Klamer, "I don't think that Solow, in particular, has ever tried to come to grips with any of these issues except by making jokes."

A year later, Solow replied to Klamer, "Suppose someone sits down where you are sitting right now and announces to me that he is Napoleon Bonaparte. The last thing I want to do with him is to get involved in a technical discussion of cavalry tactics at the Battle of Austerlitz. If I do that, I'm getting tacitly drawn into the game that he is Napoleon Bonaparte."

Udover dette ret underholdende stykke tekst er resten af artiklen også værd at læse.